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Mrs Getruida Maartens, founder and manager of Hagar Home, is a well-known person in the community and assists other local organisations with skills, information and practical items.

Getruida was previously employed as an Office Assistant at ICE Engineering in Tygerfalls, where she gained 16 years of invaluable experience.

As a volunteer at the trauma room of the SAPS police station in Fisantekraal, she gained experience in trauma treatment and counselling. While volunteering there Getruida became aware of the desperate need for a safe haven for abused women and children. This led her to start Hagar Home, which she is currently running from within her own home, while she lives in a container in the backyard of the home.

As Hagar Home Based Care is the only institution of its kind in the Fisantekraal community, it plays a vital role in the upliftment and care of victims of violence.

Hagar Home is a registered NGO (NPO-092  876)


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Flexible Saving Account: Hagar Home
Capitec Bank
Account no: 1388551983
Brance Code: 47 00 10

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